Dwelling in a High Place

On Lichen Joseph Montion July 2014

Light on the Rocks Joseph Montion July 2014

Outside Glow Joseph Montion July 2014


From top to bottom: Marmot, Mountain goat, and Elk. Taken in Rocky Mountain National Park and Mt. Evans.


Colorado in Bloom

A Red Divide Joseph Montion June 2014

Some Crazy Purple Joseph Montion June 2014


Taken in Rocky Mountain National Park in June. The in focus flower in the top is Indian Paintbrush and the bottom is Colorado Purple Locoweed.

Miniatures of the Heights

Lichen River Joseph Montion July 2014

Phlox on the Rocks Joseph Montion July 2014

When Season Meet Joseph Montion July 2014


Taken on the top of Mount Evens and on Trail Ridge Road. From Top to Bottom: Dwarf Clover, Alpine Phlox, and Alpine Forget Me Not

The Mountains Are Calling

Floating Tops Joseph Montion Jun 2014

Early Rising Joseph Montion Jun 2014

Across Woods and Valleys Joseph Montion Jun 2014


More from Rocky Mountain National Park and the surrounding area. Title is part of a John Muir quote.

Across Mighty Peaks

Spattered Mountains Joseph Montion Jun 2014

Brooding Peaks Joseph Montion Jun 2014

The Line of the Sky Joseph Montion Jun 2014

The Rocky Mountains. The top was taken at Berthoud Pass and the next two were taken on Trail Ridge Rd. in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Subtle Purple Spring

Into the World Joseph Montion April 2014

Reaching Through Joseph Montion May 2014


Taken around the property in May.

Remnant Grasses

Natural Arches Joseph Montion April 2014

Twisting Texture Joseph Montion April 2014

Grasses that kept their structure throughout the winter. Taken around  the property.


First Blooms

Bursting Through Death Joseph Montion April 2014

Reaching for the Sun Joseph Montion April 2014

Open Your Eyes Joseph Montion April 2014

Hepatica, taken at the boy scout camp in Oak Opening Ohio.

Where the Light Meets the Dark

In the Blinding Mist Joseph Montion Jan 2014

Silent Preparation Joseph Montion Jan 2013


Taken on a misty night last year using artificial light.

Birds of the Southern Spring

An Ancient Resident Joseph Montion March 2013

Tom Joseph Montion March 2013

Taken in Mississippi and Louisiana in the spring of 2013. Species top to bottom: Pileated Woodpecker, Great Egret.